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We spoke to Gemma Witchard, a Technical Educator at the University of West of England, about how they found the experience and how it changed the students learning style.

What was the experience about?  

The experience I would like to highlight was our Stroke simulation which we delivered for some our third-year adult nursing students. They were able to participate in various activities including augmented reality, interactive 360 videos and simulations involving standardised patients (actors). The aim of the session was for learners to recognise the symptoms of someone suffering a stroke, and how to effectively manage their care. 



How does the simulation experience compare to other teaching methods? 


The immersive room allowed us to stage a GP surgery environment where our Standardised Patient (actor) played out a scenario where they were showing signs of a possible stroke. The rooms functionality allowed the students to access resources such as the patient’s medical history, along with clinical policies and guidelines. Observation and investigation results were able to be displayed as and when the students thought to collect them. The students had access to a simulated phone to communicate with other healthcare care professionals as and went they felt in necessary in the scenario. 


How well do you think the simulation prepared the students for real-world medical situations? 

The room worked ever so well for us, and the students seemed to really enjoy the experience of how they were able to interact with it which enhanced engagement. They reported a very high score for immersion (how realistic the scenario felt) with an average score of 4.38 out of a maximum of 5.


A direct quote from a student on our feedback form was: 


“Learned more about stroke in many fun and different ways as lectures about it can be tiring.” 

 They rated the experience a 4.77 (maximum 5) for usefulness for their professional practice. 

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